Sifnos is part of the Southwestern Cyclades and is located between Serifos, Kimolos and Paros. It is a beautiful and unique island which you must certainly visit. It has a long and ancient history with important archaeological sights which you will definitely see during your tour on the island. As in almost every island of the Cyclades, in Sifnos you will see many churches and monasteries. It is worthwhile attending a traditional festival (panigiri). During the year, many festivals (panigiria) are organized in honor of the Saint which is celebrated.  Free food is offered to all the visitors by the hosts in a traditional big celebration with lots of music and traditional dances.

Sifnos is also the beloved destination of all hikers and visitors who are nature lovers. Throughout the island there are traditional paths which lead to unique pathways in nature. It is worth going for a stroll!

During your stay, it is worthwhile visiting the different villages starting with Apollonia, the capital of the island.  Apollonia’s picturesque settlement is impressive to all visitors. It is here where the heart of night life beats.  Kamares, where the port of the island is located and its homonymous settlement, Kastro with its medieval settlement which travels the mind to historic periods of the past, Exambela the small village with its traditional color, Artemona with the old and noble mansions, Faros with the small and picturesque harbor and gulf.